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    feeling so low

    hi, i have had 2 disc ops so far L4/L5 and L4/S1 after the last op approx 10 months ago i fell over because my foot is numb from op 1 and does not always go in the correct direction anyway i fell on to my left shoulder and now have a shoulder imingement oh boy is this painful i also have flashes...
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    Potentiality & Realit

    Youngest Son: "Tell me Daddy, what is the difference between "Potentiality" and "Reality"?" Dad: "I will show you" Dad turns to his wife and asks her: "Would you sleep with Robert Redford for 1 million dollars"? Wife: "Yes of course! I would never waste such an opportunity"... Then...
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    Massage Therapy? How long would it take to become massage therapist?

    I would like to become a massage therapist I know for the state of Michigan I need 500 hours from a approved school. I would like to know how long that would take? how many hours can I take per semester?