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    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    Nvm go out meh? Me still at work. Awaiting activation.... :D
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    Where do they work now?

    Goes by the name Dallas there.
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    Alteza Massage 2017 Rosemont (514) 374-4040

    You can always call ahead and make an appointment for a specific time. Make it clear if you want 30, 45 or 60min. If you just drop by the receptionist will show you the available girls on her computer screen and just decide then and there. She will ask if you want the spa (10-20$ more) then lead...
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    Melbourne Recommendations

    Hi all Unfortunately the wonderful Stephanie is not available in Melbourne when I am there :cry: Doers anyone have any on else they can recommend? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks HB
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    Mina @ Ocean Relaxation

    Don't worry dude, most of the guys can say the same too :p :p :p Glad it's not just me lol
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    Smile or Laugh?

    Which one you find sexier. A good smile or a laugh?
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    High Heels - Part II

    Shoe shopping?!?!?!?! OMG can I come pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!! I am going to take the risk and wear some heels tomorrow and see how I go. I haven't been back in heels since my accident. Wish me luck! xox :oops: arbie.
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    Massage Macau - 6525, avenue Somerled, Montreal (514) 303-2313

    No one mentioned anything about fs when I asked them through pm so I figured id ask here
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    Clinique Acajou 1819 Rene Levesque #401B (514) 938-4884

    After the post from cumbychance I decided to repay a visit to this place. I want to apologized to fellow board members as the quality as dropped since my last visit. It is true that Anna and Sonia have left. I decided to try Christina (after looking at all 3 girls that were there) as she was...
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    it beats having to go to Thailand ....
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    Order of the Sciences?

    Welcome to MassagePlanetL purplefrog26! Where are you attending school? I'm currently in Madison visiting my sister. I attended MT school here in Madison (nearly 9 years ago) @ what was then Capri College on Odana Road (the building now houses Martin's School of Hair Design). I was surprised...
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    Mongering in Calcutta

    The guy is ok to deal with. Charges 2.5 - 3k for ST and room is ok. But do not expect too much on quality side. Normal bengali girls you can get Reviewom him. I used him last trip.
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    Beyond Sonagachi

    ajay buddy ur inbox is full
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    General Pet-related Links

    Paradise Poochie : This is a great unique pet boutique in Saint Augustine, Florida (a friend of mine owns this store). The little white poodle on the front of the website is hers, her name is Sunshine...she's such a cutie-patootie. Debbie has done so well after...
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    NL, Acuna; Anyone going this week of 12/5?

    maybe you should stay home and jack off it would be chepaer and safer. Two hours is not very long and $200.00 is not very much but you can make it work if u are smart and careful. Papagayos is ur best bet in Laredo. Best looking women, probably best service and safest but not best price...
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    Have you guys notice....

    It's BWT, Christine or Sam will give a good massage but I haven't got the full hour there yet. Some of the others do want to finish real fast.
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    Lao Di Fan Hotel Massage??

    Hi, thanks for the update... Interessting... I heard you can get 2 or even 3 girls??? How much was the pricing???
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    massage corps a corps downtown

    I think you mean this: corps to corps
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    Need to do little prank for my friend.

    wrong on so many levels. Humans . . . respect. funny? are you 13?
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    crying newborn

    crying newborn How is the baby getting along? Hopefully, doing better...