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Hello Akhil, Saw your FR for Kusum, Can you pls. share her number, I am new to Mongering, not having many contacts here. Thanks for the help.
Hello jason can u ping me on @Akhil96 telegram pey
Hi krayjee, long time fan. Used to really get along with Tina from JR, do you have her contact by chance? Suki from Suko as well.
hi kartik..i am arjun here a newbee..and i am from navi mumbai..if you have savita's number or any other hw number can you please share with me..would return the favor in future for sure..thanks in advance
Thanks for not replying.
iis it not important to keep poeple up to date on things ???,consider me one less client you do not have to worry about pleasing in the future!!

Comunication is the key to success.
This virus shows how one small thing can ruin very big things unless you look after the details.
Maybe you should make the effort to respond to people at this time it says a lot about you.