1. C

    semi-legit options near Yonge & Hwy 407 with good massage?

    It seems most semi-legit places known for strong massage are on east side. Any options near Yonge & Hwy 407? I know there's many near Yonge & Finch Younge & Sheppard, but I don't live near there and have some concerns with finding parking and just don't like driving in busy streets at high...
  2. oasishub_wellness


    Oasis Hub Wellness Centre 10737 Yonge St, Unit 13 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3 Elgin Mills / Yonge st Phone: 905-237-5885 Cell/Text: 416-356-5876 Oasis Hub Wellness Centre is a luxury spa with newly renovated amenities. The spa, every room, and showers are kept extra clean...
  3. Carinaamor

    Thursday bliss

    Hi I'm Carina from Bliss 👋 I have openings today until 8pm! I provide sensual full body massage. Look forward to seeing you soon xx
  4. Carinaamor

    Announcement Come get out of the sun with me ☀️Bliss wellness ( new teaser pic )

    Hey it’s Carina 👋 I’m working at Bliss today till 8:30, taking last appointment at 8! Rates are $110hh, $160 45 or $210 h Xx-Carina
  5. S

    Semi-Legit / Holistic Foot Massage without gloves

    Looking for a place that will give a good foot massage with extras, but almost every place that advertises foot massages will put on these awful feeling latex gloves. Anyone know places that don't use gloves and will do something softer? Scarborough area preferred but Richmond Hill / Markham /...
  6. B

    The do's and don't for getting the best out of the semi-legit massage

    Thought to post some of the things I do and don't do,. Seems to work as I almost always end up having some fun. May be useful for the newbies going on this forum. Meant to be a bit of a laugh so don't take it too serious 😇 Seems obvious but brush teeth and use some mouthwash before visiting. I...
  7. C

    Best Korean Masseuse Holistic or Semi-legit

    Seems like there aren't any Korean AMP anymore? Is there a korean masseuse either holistic or semi legit that you guys would recommend? I'm mostly looking uptown in north york/richmond hill/markham area.
  8. Carinaamor

    Midtown Semi-legit/holistic massage

    Hi 👋 I’m Carina, a 22 year old Canadian girl offering a semi-legit/holistic massage experience. I give a great relaxation massage with release. I’m down to earth, friendly, and fit (115lbs/5’6) with olive skin and bright green eyes. I work out of midtown Toronto. Call today to book an...
  9. mike2night

    Review Review Tiffany @ Phoenix Blossom spa 5124 Dundas St, West

    I went to Phoenix Blossom Spa for the second time the other day and saw Tiffany. She's late 30s, chubby, on the shorter side with a very pretty face IMO. She has a bit of a belly, but it's not flabby and gross. She has a great ass, a cute set of natural tits and a hairy pussy. If you've read my...
  10. H

    Semi-Legit In Toronto? East York Area?

    Does anyone know any semi legits in this area? Even scarborough? Need RMT receipt!
  11. V

    Scarborough semi-legit options -- looking for suggestions?

    Gents, any semi legit options in Scarborough that you recommend? I know it'd be difficult but I was looking for Shangri-La type quality of service.. 🙏🙏🙏
  12. J

    Non-Asian Semi-Legit in west of GTA

    Guys ... I would really appreciate this. Please recommend any non-Asian place preferably in west of GTA. (just trying to avoid my own type, lol) ... just looking for plain good massage and good attitude. Europeans would be even better. Cheers
  13. EMSpa_schedule

    Spa AD E&M Health & Wellness Centre, 7665 Kennedy Rd, Unit 4, Markham, ON, (905) 479-6668 - Spa Schedule, etc.

    E&M Health & Wellness Centre Best Massage Wellness Centre 7665 Kennedy Rd, Unit 4, Markham, ON, L3R 0L7 (905) 479-6668 Established in 2014, E&M Health & Wellness Centre is a luxury wellness centre located at 7665 Unit 4 Kennedy Road, Markham, Ontario. Recognized as one of the best Massage...
  14. W

    Spa AD Daylife Wellness Center @ 13 Wellington Street West, Aurora 647-833-2959

    Semi-legit Daylife Wellness Center : intersection of Yonge Street & Wellington Street, easy parking. Newly renovated room with onsite shower Tel: 647-833-2959 Mimi: Beautiful Chinese girl in her 30s with curvy body. About 5'6 and 110 lbs. Long black hair...
  15. S

    Chat IS "THE BLOOM OFF THE ROSE" for the Semi-Legit MPs Like Bellagio and Ellegance

    OR IS IT JUST ME ..... LATELY I MY ENTHUSIASM / MOJO / INTEREST in visiting certain well known Spas HAS SIGNIFICANTLY decreased : over-hyped spas and attendants. More about the hype than the service. Kind a get boring and redundant reading long drawn out threads that is basically "small or...
  16. C

    Question Legit appearing place that offers extras

    Hi all ... call me crazy but wondering if anyone has intel on a 'legit-appearing' place / therapist that offers extras however subtle, anything would be better than nothing....location in some kind of medical complex or nearby area would be even better..long story but have a SO that follows my...
  17. 6ixGod

    Chat Conquering a Semi-legit

    Just had to share this cause it’s a milestone for me 😅 I’ve been going to a specific holistic semi legit place every other month. Unfortunately I can’t disclose the name or place out of respect to the attendant but I wanted to know if anyone else had stories of something similar. Basically...
  18. K

    Semi-legit massages scene in Houston

    This thread seems to have dried up in the past couple years, but I am just wondering if Houston has any well reviewed semi-legit asian masseuses? I'm coming from an area that has a really active and well discussed scene and hope I can find the same in Houston when I arrive in a couple months.
  19. B

    The signs it is semi-legit (for new folks)

    I figured that though most of you will know, it is useful for new folks to post some signals to pick up on that there may be more on offer than just the massage bit. The place is open 7 days a week till 9pm or later. Most formal legit massage RMTs have a life after work, so these would...
  20. B

    Indian semi-legit in Ontario ?

    Wondering if there is the Indian equivalent of the Asian semi-legit massage out there in Ontario. Assume it is a no, since I did do some searching and found nothing, but doesn't hurt to ask perhaps. I'd have thought that there would be places in Brampton but I guess the Indian girls aren't that...