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  1. R

    Review Lorena Elevate spa (Seduction) new

    Hey anyone try out Lorena at elevate spa she’s a Latina, does she do f/s and dfk? Lorena - seductionspa
  2. LazyBoy

    Review Lilly at Elevate Spa - A Lazyboy Review

    So I was hoping to reacquaint myself with Synthia but she wasn't in the line up so was probably busy. The receptionist said that she was "GFE", which is basically code for extras. I have no idea if those include anything beyond a CBJ so hopefully others can chime it. Anyway, a couple of stand...
  3. LazyBoy

    Review Ellie at Elevate Spa - A Lazyboy Review

    https://www.elevatespa.com/profile/?id=736 Ok, so I was kind of in a mood for a little extra but wasn't quite in the mood for FS with a k-girl. I decided to give Elevate another shot. I saw the line up and the only one that caught my eye was a short thin spinner Asian name Kimmy. She wasn't...
  4. T

    Sadie @Elevate

    Has anyone been with Sadie at Elevate? Reviews would be much appreciated đź‘Ť
  5. D

    Hanna @ Elevate spa

    I'm a new Comer when it's comes to posting on here been scouting the reviews to see which spots to go and who to see. I had 2 persons I wanted to see based upon reviews - Selena @ Seductions and Ayla @ Elevate but they weren't on schedule so I browsed and saw Hanna, I saw a few reviews but I...
  6. Fakes125

    Chat Birthday Session Suggestions

    Hello, I'm just looking for who you guys would think would be good choice for seeing. As of right now, I know that Premier Spas does not have any birthday promos So I just looked into Elevate and kinda just narrowed to these girls who in terms of reviews are not as much as others...
  7. F

    Alyssa @ Seduction

    Hey Guys, Saw Alyssa @ Seduction/Elevate the other day. Has nice Man-mades is a quite the talker. Services CBJ/ CFS at normal rates. If you click with her and don't mind some conversation she not bad. Would i Repeat? maybe (i'm mainly a BBBJ Guy)
  8. K

    Elevate spa victoria park

    Hi, Is Elevate spa MPs offers extras? Like premier’s MPA offers extras.
  9. V

    Mila @ Elevate Spa - formerly Xena at finch Flirt

    hi guys, was wondering if anyone had a session with mila @ Elevate spa (new girl - i think she used to go as xena at finch flirt) - what is her menu these days?
  10. F


    Hey has only see Kami @elevate? https://seductionspa.ca/profile/kami/ She is also an sp and she quoted 150 for a cbj.. at the spa. She will never survive if that is what she is charging
  11. S

    Review Kimmy @ Elevate Spa

    Very skinny and cute Korean college student that looks just like her pictures - only offered CBJ/CFS above standard rates. Did not ask about LFK/DFK/DATY
  12. Woody Womb Pecker

    Question Angelica @ Seduction/Elevate Spa

    She's new. Anyone seen her? Piks look good! https://seductionspa.ca/profile/angelica/
  13. Fakes125

    Review My Reviews for 2023

    I haven't been posting my reviews for a while cause I feel like my detailed reviews or me mentioning things ends up causing spa girls with accounts to ask me to delete my comments etc. Which is why I held off for a bit. Gonna just post my past 5 months of reviews so timeline wouldn't matter when...
  14. Happyman

    Question Elevate-Monica/Britney/Liliana

    Monica/Britney/Liliana Pictures look good, anyone saw them?
  15. C

    Review jenny@elavate

    saw her last week she provide a good service . she told me just new come in Canada , can speak cantonese and decent English . look young and good shape nature figure and very soft smooth skin ,good at teasing and amazing bbbj skill , dfk , at the end have oil massage . Asked about extras $200...
  16. T

    Is Kimmy gone?

    Does anyone remember The Blonde Asian Flirt named Kimmy at Flirt VP? Did she leave when the Spa changed to Elevate? Or did she change her name? I was hoping to visit her again. https://www.flirtspa.ca/profile/309
  17. F

    Review Lily @seduction

    Saw lily today @seduction. Massage was ok. No tease. Asked about extras only bj on the table. $100 for a cbj. Decided to not go for it. Ended in a HJ finish with dirty talk. Not the worst session but definitely not the best. No repeat for me
  18. T

    Sienna @ seduction/elevate

    Has anyone seen sienna? Was looking to try her. https://seductionspa.ca/profile/sienna/ Anyone know service provided?
  19. S

    Mei at Elevate Spa / Flirt VP Retires

    Mei announces her retirement on her Twitter account... Although I don't doubt her STEM aspirations, one can't help but wonder if her exit was expedited by the change in ownership at Flirt VP / Elevate? @xtc27 had wondered how long Mei might last there given the change in milage a Seduction...
  20. beegcack

    Does Sierra(Seduction/Elevate) actually exist?

    Last 6 months I'm 0-4!? Last summer booked for 7pm. Called to confirm, "She's running late. Will be here at 9 but she's booked the rest of the night. Would you like to book with someone else?" Politely I said no. About 3 months later book again this time for 3pm. Call to confirm, "She's not in...