1. S

    Review Review of Crystal Greenway

    Had a chance to see the wild.... Again... crystal many tines! her last.... session was the absolute bzezzt. KNOW IF ANYONE WANTS TO CHECK ME ABOUT CRYSTAL. LETS WORK THIS OUT. but, here's a an upfront for you guys who don't know, crystal, may be a...
  2. V

    Asking for a review on Kylie from Flirt

    Anyone been with Kylie over at Flirt? Would appreciate a review.
  3. T

    Review Review - Anna - Jaymini Care

    My posts must indicate I have been horny since 2 days. Nutted twice but not getting any post-but clarity. Thought it’s about time my body needs a feminine touch. Against the advise of many, decided to go to Jaymini care since that was closest and most convenient (Although a 30 min drive away)...
  4. M

    Review Woodbine and 16th welness

    Went for one hour massage at woodbine and 16th about a week ago. I can't remember the name of the girl. She was a petite Asian, late 30s early 40s. Cute face decent body dressed up with heals, short skirt and a blazer. English was not great but understandable. Bubbly and friendly personality...
  5. F

    Review Casey @ Sunrise Health Centre

    Was in Richmond Hill for a dim sum meeting and while driving by I remember reading somewhere that Leona of Sulexa was back in operation at Sunrise Health Centre. I walked in and was warmly greeted by Leona the manager and after exchanging pleasantries she told me she had a young Vietnamese girl...
  6. Y

    Review Bella at Ocean Motion (Vaughan) Review

    Originally posted in Ocean Motion's Spa Ad thread on Oct. 28, 2023: My 1st review so be kind: I saw Bella yesterday (Friday) for the first time. She only works at OCM 1day/week on Fridays so I called earlier in the week to book her for an appointment in the AM. I called again when I was on the...
  7. Onew

    Review REVIEW - 343 Spadina Ave - Incall - Jiska & KK

    I would like to share some of my experience. I would also like some feedback too. The incall is in Chinatown, 343 Spadina Ave. It is the red circled door, to the second floor. I went there twice and saw 2 different women. You can get the current price list if you text their number 647 870...
  8. L

    Kitty Review @ purple sugar

    I am re-posting this let more people can see I’m writing this article with mixed feelings. I’ve been going to Purple Sugar Spa and having 1 hour sessions with Kitty for quite some time. My selfishness still wants me to keep her a “secret” since there’s not much reviews of her online, at...
  9. V

    Suko Spa Review (New Girl)

    After a few months away I went back to Suko for a much needed massage. This is one of my go to places for a very good hard massage close to RMT level with excellent service. After asking who was available I decided to go with a new girl (Vicki) as a few years ago I had an amazing session with a...
  10. M

    Massage Therapist - Payback over negative review

    Jeremy Jakobsze also 'repeatedly insulted and derided' staff at the College of Massage Therapists of B.C. A former massage therapist from Maple Ridge, B.C., has been reprimanded and fined for a 'relentless' campaign against a prospective patient who posted a negative review about him on Google...
  11. B

    Saw DT Maggie for the first time review

    saw the famous DT Maggie two weeks ago her skills did not disappoint, went around midnight took her about ten minutes to let me in, ask for donation of 80 put some paper towel around my cock before she started, at first she sneaked a condom on then I said I wanted bbbj she asked for a additional...
  12. K

    Review Marissa from PURE review

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I just had a session with Marissa at Pure and holy shit that was the best money I ever spent in my life. Granted I've only seen a total of three girls at this point. From start to finish she was awesome, fun and engaging. She seemed really into it, i'm sure...
  13. A

    Review Venus@Cara Studio Review

    Saw Venus today at Cara, smoking hot body and a crazy session! Venus gives a great massage and BS! The body slide was so good that I burst on her big firm boobs!! Didn’t ask for more but YMMV! Total damage - 40 + 90, tipped her a little on account of the amazing session!!
  14. LazyBoy

    Review Lilly at Elevate Spa - A Lazyboy Review

    So I was hoping to reacquaint myself with Synthia but she wasn't in the line up so was probably busy. The receptionist said that she was "GFE", which is basically code for extras. I have no idea if those include anything beyond a CBJ so hopefully others can chime it. Anyway, a couple of stand...
  15. derekgbob1980

    Tessa @ Purple Sugar Spa

    Saw Tessa on a Saturday. I liked her look, very friendly and place is real nice. First time there. BLS and some hard facefking and busted. She was cute and did the job right. I saw some other girls walking in and they looked good too.
  16. M

    Review QQ Square - Jessy Review

    Hi Gents, Just wanted to leave a review of my session that I had last night with Jessy from QQ Square. After my last visit to QQ Square (Hayley and Sugar Duo), I was really wanting to go back and see Hayley alone this time as I plan on going a lot and duos would get pricey if I go every week...
  17. A

    Review Montreal review part 6

    Let me know if you guys want a part 7 So many hot chicks in Montreal and so little time. Kesha @ XO Sexy body and friendly service. Lets me do whatever my heart desires. Repeat Yes Catherine @ EG Pornstar look...
  18. N

    Any review on Angela Heaven ? Anyone seen her ? Says GFE. But nowadays everyone says GFE and after you meet they will start listing rules after rules.
  19. LazyBoy

    Review Terry at Flirt - A Lazyboy Review She's good! This has been a Lazyboy review! Ok, that never gets old...:p So, I really wanted to go to Elevate today cause it's closer but none of the ladies on the roster piqued my interest. Whenever a picture of a lady caught my eye...
  20. D

    Review Jennifer review @ bellagio

    Lurked this site for 2 or 3 years now but recently made an account and more recently started posting. But figured its time I give back with real honest reviews. Ive seen Jennifer many times since she started. A few months ago i think it was @xtc27 that made a passing comment about someone...