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  1. X

    Review Carly @ Purple Sugar Spa......Sexy Cheerleader body

    In the theme of the Superbowl, if you want a cheerleader fantasy to come true, Carly is the girl. She is young tall, slim, with an athletic Cheerleader's body. When she opens the door in her bikini you will know what I am talking about when she leads you to the room…nice long defined legs...
  2. orchidspa103

    Announcement 🍒Orchid Spa @Hwy 7🍆Service Orientation New Management🍑Lovely Masseuses💋437-220-6963🍒

    Happy Saturday! 💋Hope the snow last night would not make your weekend less special. We like to announce that Orchid Spa is now officially under a completely new management team, we will put forth of effect to serve you well and make your visit enjoyable. 💦Today, we have beautiful Maggie and...
  3. J

    Review Carly @ Purple Sugar Spa Review

    Went in tonight, got a 45 min session with her, she's pretty friendly, beautiful, gives decent head, but no BBBJ. Also, she gives FS, but for some reason I was doing missionary on her and it was going good but all of a sudden she asked to switch to doggystyle, which in hindsight kinda ruined our...
  4. J

    Ella @ Purple Sugar Spa

    According to the purple sugar account, she only works today, I'm assuming that means she's not a regular at purple sugar and is just a one day worker or something, so does anyone know where Ella works regularly with a weekly schedule?
  5. A

    Review Ella @ PURPLE SUGAR SPA........TALL and SEXY in knee high HOOKER BOOTS

    Holidays are done and back to my main hobby… I decided to drop into Purple Sugar today to check out the talent and as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Ella, a new sexy Asian that I have never seen here before. She was wearing these sexy white knee high hooker boots and they suited her...
  6. W

    Lina @ Purple Sugar Spa; a Vietnam Chinese Beauty

    New Year Day I visited Purple Sugar Spa @ Midland/McNicoll. What a good start in year 2024 as I met Lina who is a Vietnam Chinese. She is so beautiful and sweet. Though she is not tall, she has pretty face and very good looking breasts. Her service was excellent and was willing to do BBBJ. I was...
  7. J

    Ashley at Purple Sugar

    It's been a while since saw Ashley at Purple Sugar. PS always has a great selection, and there is only so much time in a day, and only so much jam to give out lol. Anyway, Ashley remembered me, and led me with a charming smile to a room with a shower. I only booked a 30 minute time slot, so...
  8. W

    Review Cecilia @ Purple Sugar Spa

    Went to PURPLE SUGAR SPA today looking for Lina, but found Cecilia in a very sexy lingerie that you cannot resist.... She is about 5'6" in 3 inch sexy heels with beautiful legs, sexy eyes and beautiful hair. One of those girls that turn you on instantly by the way they dress. Slim to medium...
  9. OhYeah

    New girl Fanny at Purple Sugar

    All the rooms were busy when I visited Purple Sugar today, but I was told that Fanny would be available in 10 minutes if I could wait. So I waited. Fanny has pretty good massage skills which I partook of at first. Then some cbj which got me good and hard. I opted to finish in cowgirl. She has a...
  10. M

    Crystal at Purple Sugar Spa

    I visited Crystal today at Purple Sugar for my third session with her. She is guaranteed to be fun. Crystal will do bbbj if you are clean, and cfs in multiple positions tops everything off. Her physique is slim with natural large melons, and an attractive face makes it very enjoyable. Looking...
  11. L

    Kitty Review @ purple sugar

    I am re-posting this let more people can see I’m writing this article with mixed feelings. I’ve been going to Purple Sugar Spa and having 1 hour sessions with Kitty for quite some time. My selfishness still wants me to keep her a “secret” since there’s not much reviews of her online, at...
  12. L

    Review Carly @ Purple Sugar Spa

    After going to Magic Noodle this morning I went to see Carly at Purple Sugar. This was my first time wit her. This girl seemed to be an early bird as I showed up at 9:30am and she was ready to go. Carly is tall, slender and has a very taught and firm body. She says she likes to go to the gym...
  13. derekgbob1980

    Tessa @ Purple Sugar Spa

    Saw Tessa on a Saturday. I liked her look, very friendly and place is real nice. First time there. BLS and some hard facefking and busted. She was cute and did the job right. I saw some other girls walking in and they looked good too.
  14. admin

    Purple Sugar Spa

    3700 midland ave unit 118 scarborough 416-321-3939 walk-ins welcome 10am-9pm View map
  15. KnightShade

    Review Dolly at Purple Sugar Spa

    Been lurking Purple Sugar spa for a while, decided to finally check it out. Its a bit of a drive for me, I actually wanted to come try Linna based on the reviews of her nice ass and bbbj. But she was busy, booked for the next 2 hours, i didn't want to leave empty handed so I tried new girl...
  16. purplesugarspa118

    Poll PURPLE SUGAR SPA @ 3700 Midland Ave & McNicoll Ave - Unit 118, Scarborough...For appointments (416) 321 3939. Walk-ins welcome. 10am-9pm.

    PURPLE SUGAR SPA @ 3700 Midland Ave & McNicoll Ave - Unit 118, Scarborough click here >> Google Maps directions to PSS For appointments (416) 321 3939. Walk-ins welcome. 10am-9pm. "Well known for Greater Toronto Area's most SEXY girls offering the most RELAXING and SENSUAL services...." 💋💋 💋...
  17. J

    Ashley purple sugar spa

    Does anyone know if she works elsewhere? Thank
  18. X

    Review Ayumi at Purple Sugar Spa

    Ayumi was not very good. She seemed like she didn't want to be there. No tease, a very lacklustre massage, and she didn't speak much. No BBBJ or 69, only CFS. She didn't provide a tease either. She just asked me to flip and quickly put the condom on, and wanted me to finish quickly. I will not...
  19. X

    Review Yui at Purple Sugar Spa

    Yui was amazing. She was very enthusiastic, friendly, provided BBBJ, 69, and CFS, and she was fun to talk to and pleasant to be around. We also cuddled for a while after CFS and she seemed to enjoy the session too. She also provided an excellent tease before CFS. I will definitely repeat with...
  20. D


    Check out these two Japanese babes at purple . Please post reviews